reveling in the scandal of beauty


Beginning in spring 2013, Lumn will publish biennial issues of gorgeous, arresting poetry.  Poetry that charms, delights, and compels; poetry that lingers.  Poetry you’ll want to share with everyone you know.  Poetry you’d like to wake up with and mull over in the morning.

Not that beauty can be defined; Lumn makes no such claim.  Admitting that it’s elusive, admitting that both the term and the thing itself are open to abuse, admitting that none of us will ever quite agree on what beauty is, this magazine still declares itself a home for the beautiful.

Lumn springs from the hinge point of the lyric and experiment, or perhaps from their cryptic, volatile union. It searches for poetry that fascinates, poetry that saves us and that which unhinges us entirely from salvation, poetry like none ever written and poetry that makes a new excellence of its tradition.

Avoid predictability, melodrama, light verse, and quotations from theorists.  Do more than narrating or describing, or even narrating and describing.  What we’re after here is poetry that, as Dickinson was supposed to have said, makes you feel like the top of your head’s been taken off, in a good way.

Beauty, after all, has its own ways of making us newly vulnerable and newly powerful.  Lumn suggests that we’re due.


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The first issue will come out in print and electronic editions shortly before the next AWP convention, late February 2013.


Lumn is edited by Victoria Brockmeier.  It will be published on the dove|tail imprint, a chapbook press I founded in 2006.


Late this fall, I'll be doing a Kickstarter campaign for the first issue.  I have giveaways planned to offer some great thank-yous for helping to make this happen – stay tuned.